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Class A Tractor Trailer
Get an unrestricted class A license
As little as one week in person instruction

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    You matter to our instructors. Our instructors have years of driving and teaching expirience.

  • Be Confident in Training

    Our curriculum is one of the most rigorous and thorough to make sure that you are getting the necessary training experience for your career.

  • Safety Matters

    All of our equipment are DOT certified and all instructors have been trained in safety.


Careers World Wide was founded with a simple goal in mind: to provide the best truck driving school experience possible. With over two decades of experience, Careers World Wide has helped countless students learn the skills they need to succeed as truck drivers. Our family-owned and operated school is nestled in the town of Keenesburg, Colorado, and we take pride in our commitment to providing top-notch instruction and customer service. Whether you’re looking for a career in truck driving or just want to learn more about this fascinating field, Careers World Wide is here for you.

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Flexible Payment Options

Financing and ISA's are available through our financing partner, Mia Share

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Leave with the confidence you need to drive a tractor-trailer.

170 Hours

Get your CDL in as little as three Weeks!

18 and Up

18 for intrastate, 21 for interstate

Small Classes

Our average road instructor to student ratio is 1:4

Learn from the best

Our instructors are patient and helpful


Learn how to double clutch and obtain your Class A CDL without a manual restriction


Our instructors record and document your progress to see where you need more help and where you excel.

Student housing Available

Low cost dorm style housing for students.

  • 20,000+

    Students have attended.

  • 28

    Years in operation

  • 170

    Classroom and Yard Training

  • 4:1

    Instructor to student ratio on the road

School Pricing

At Careers World Wide, we believe in transparent pricing.

$ 3 000

Class B CDL

  • Full Course Theory
  • Behind the Wheel Range and Road
  • One Week in Person
  • 4:1 Road Training
  • Small Class Size
  • Mannual & Automatic Transmission
  • On Site Testing
  • Re-Test Included if you fail!
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$ 5 000

Class A CDL

  • Full course theory
  • Full driving course
  • 4:1 Road Classes
  • Training in our 60 Acre Training Facility
  • Backing Maneuvers
  • Manual Transmission
  • Re-test Included if you fail!
  • Three Week Course
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$ 275


  • State Certified Examiners
  • Testing on Saturdays
  • Truck Rental Available
  • Manual Transmission
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What our students are saying...

Came to this school, and they definitely prepared me for everything I needed to get my CDL. Not only that but they gave me the hard truths about what to expect after leaving the school. The instructors there, care about what they are teaching and wants everyone who comes through there to succeed. Listen and follow instructions and you will be more than okay. My driving instructor was T and she made learning how to drive a manual truck easy! Im forever grateful for her and the rest of the staff at Careers World Wide.

Richard B.

The folks who run this school definitely know their stuff, and they are very thorough in what they do to put out excellent driving professionals. I like that the majority of time at the school is spent on the yard, in the trucks getting hands on experience and learning by doing. Its a really good program that delivers all you need to to get you on your way to getting your CDL and being a professional driver. You will leave knowing that you will only get better. My special thanks to Jack, Rob and Wayne ..... These guys are Grade A Instructors.

Felix E.

So one year later cww was the best place I could have went. I really realized this after many conversations with other drivers. The town is small with not much to do. Your isolated that should allow you to focus on driveing. Be prepared to leave any home BS and bad habits at home. You get what you put in. They care 1 year after and I have left crst not because there bad just mkeing moves. At this point I own my truck and have hired my original crst trainer. If your on the fence do it you won't regret it. Thanks to Bryan, Rob and all yard instructors for giving the skills and motivation to do what I am doing

Anthony K.

This school is Amazing!! The owners, The staff, The Trainers they treat you like family!! They want to see you succeed. For me this experience and atmosphere was like family encouraging you to do better to be better to be the very best version of yourself!! After completing this program I felt like there is nothing in this world that come between me and my goals and dreams. Careers World Wide provide the very best CDL training and skills you can get! To top it off they even provide fully furnished housing for their students. In my eyes Careers World Wide is the Best school in the whole Nation!! It’s hard to say goodbye without tearing up, because I’m going to truly miss This school! If your looking for a school that’s 2nd to None come to careers world wide you will love it!! Thank you Careers World Wide❤️

Nikki W.

I attended CWW around Thanksgiving thru mid Dec. The classes were thorough and the entire staff from top to bottom was excellent! I was told when I got on the road I would see the training of some of the other new drivers and would value what I was taught at this school even more. They were so right about that. I've driven all the lower 48. Been across the country a few times now. I never stop learning out on the road but I got a very solid start with CWW. This is definity a great school.

Bryce P.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the course?
    The class A CDL course is 3 weeks. Monday-Saturday, 7am until 5pm with new classes starting every monday.
  • What is ELDT?
    Entry Level Driver Training (The Federal standards for training in a commercial vehicle for someone that has no experience)
  • Do I need to go to school?
    According the updated regulations in February 2022, anyone wanting to obtain their CDL is required to take a full course.
  • Do you do offer testing. Where is the testing?
    Yes, our testing is onsite and we have State Certified Examiners in house.
  • What If I can't afford school?
    We have multiple options for paying for school. Look into our Mia Share programs here on the site.
  • Do you offer part time or night classes?
    Unfortunately we do not offer part time or night classes.
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