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CDL Truck Driving School

Colorado & Denver Truck Driver Training, Commercial & Class A
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Approved by the COLORADO STATE APPROVING AGENCY for VETERANS EDUCATION AND TRAINING to offer training to veteran's eligible beneficiaries.

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Our Services

When it comes to our business, we offer our students powerful resources and a recipe for success. Listed below is a comprehensive compilation of services we offer our students...    
  • 1. Complete CDL instruction and training - 170 hours total
  • 2. Complete CDL classroom instruction and training - (20 hours of the 170 total) )
  • 3. New CDL Classes beginning each Monday morning
  • 4. Classes are three weeks in duration for the course: Monday - Saturday, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • 5. Financial assistance in available
  • 6. We provide the necessary certified testing to obtain the learners permit
  • 7. We provide the necessary certified testing to obtain your CDL License as regulated and approved through the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles
  • 8. Upon completion of the program Careers World Wide awards the student a graduation certificate. Two students from each class will be awarded honors: The Director's Award for Best Attendance and The Most Improved Student Award

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