Most Commonly Asked Questions

How long will I be away from home?

  • Average time out – 21 days.
  • Time at home policy? 1 home day for every 7 days out.

What can I expect in income?
OTR driver pay is by the mile. This example shows 36 cents per mile at 3000 miles a week.

  • $.36 x 3000 = $1080.00

Local driver pay is by the hour or by percentage of the load pay.
The average driver makes 60,000 plus annually.

Can I make any extra money?
Yes, most OTR companies offer bonuses: Loading and unloading pay, detention pay, multiple drop pay,
safety bonus, fuel bonus and on-time delivery bonus.

Do I have to ride with a trainer and for how long?
Yes, 5 to 8 weeks

Do I have to lease the truck?
Not in most cases. It is your option to lease. You do make more money, but you would be starting your
own business.

What Does OTR stand for?
Over-The- Road. With OTR trucking companies you will drive all 48 states and Canada.

Will the trucking companies pay for my school?
Yes, most OTR companies offer tuition reimbursement. They will pay you or your lender $100.00 to
$150.00 every month that you work for them. The longer you work for them, the more they pay.

Are there any benefits?
Yes, most companies offer major medical, dental and vision, 30 to 90 days after hire– after one year,
paid vacations and a 401 K.

Can I find a Local Job right out of school?
No, over 98% of local jobs require 1-2 years’ experience before they will hire you due to high insurance costs. It is not easy to find a local job right out of school and it is unlikely that they will reimburse you for your schooling. The best way to get your experience is with an OTR company.