All Schools Are Not Equal.

Unfortunately many schools tell you what you want to here, not what you need to know. The most
important things you should know are:

  • How many actual hours of training there are
  • How long you will be in school
  • How is your training done

Most schools have a lot of classroom training. Why? It costs them nothing to watch you read books or watch videos. Tractor-trailer training should be taught hands-on, best learned by training in the truck. This cost most schools much of their profit. So, the more classroom training, the higher their profit. You do not learn how to drive a truck by reading about it, watching it or sitting in a simulator! You learn by getting in the truck and driving hands-on.

When looking for a school, be aware that any time you are in the driver's seat it is considered one-on- one training. Also you should know, all training when you are in the driver’s seat is one on one with all schools. It is just a smoke screen they try to sell you on to cover all the classroom time. They try to make you think their classroom will give you extra training that other schools do not offer. All schools will give you the training to get Your CDL A with endorsements if you wish to test for them. How do you want to obtain your CDL-A License? In a classroom reading about it! Watching videos about it! In a simulator! But not how to drive!

OR do you want to learn in the truck, hands-on driving, shifting, turning and backing! After all, it is your money.

WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU COMPARE our training program to others that you are considering.
Facts which make Careers World Wide one of the very best truck driver training schools in the United States:

  • Fact: 67% of students that graduate truck diving school never find a job!!! Why? They never had the
    right background in the first place.
  • Fact: Most schools do not check backgrounds– they just want your money!!! We do a complete
    background check before you can start school. We place 99% of our graduates before they start training.
    Our students have a job waiting for them.
  • Fact: Many school's programs are too short. The program should be at least a 160-hour program or companies cannot hire from those schools. Our program is 170 Hours and can be completed in three weeks.
  • Fact: Most schools train with outdated equipment 27, 45, and 48 foot trailers. We train in all full size tractors with manual transmissions and 53 foot trailers which are the same as you will drive for any OTR company.
  • Fact: Most schools will tell you what you want to hear to make a sale. We tell you the truth.
  • Fact: Most schools will not guarantee their training. We do!!
  • Fact: Most schools you must pay for training up front with cash!! We have many financing payment
  • Fact: Careers World Wide is approved by The Department of Private Occupational Schools and the
    Department of Higher Education.
  • Fact: Our training has given us the best rating in the State of Colorado and one of the best in the
    country since 1994.
  • Fact: Careers World Wide is the largest producer of licensed CDL drivers in the State of Colorado as a third party tester.
  • Fact: With Careers World Wide you receive 170 Hours of training completed in 3 weeks. Careers World
    Wide is the only school in Colorado that exceeds the government minimum standards of training. Most
    schools offer 140, 150 or 160 hours of training. Anything under 160 hours does not comply with minimum government standards. Schools are rated by the hours of training not by how many weeks they take to complete the training. There are many schools that take 4 or 5 weeks to complete a 150 hour program and they lead you to believe that their program is longer, therefore better. NOT TRUE! Hours of training are what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are based on.
  • Fact: Careers World Wide has the largest fleet of trucks to train on. We currently own 17 tractors-
    trailers– most schools have one to three trucks. Some schools boast one-on- one training. Any time a
    student is behind the wheel of the truck, it is considered one-on- one.
  • Fact: 20 hours class room study
  • Fact: 80 hours of skills course training
  • Fact: 70 hours road course skills
  • Fact: 150 Hours with the trucks. We offer the most hands-on training in the U.S., because we train in the trucks and not in the classroom. Our students are considered the best trained in the country. We are highly rated by the carriers that hire our students.
  • Fact: We offer the best job placement, because our school is so highly recommended by the carriers. We have been able to place our students with hundreds of companies across the country, because of our
    stellar reputation.
  • Fact: All of our students have completed the training requirements set forth in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for entry-level training in accordance with 49 CFR 380.503
  • Fact: New classes start every Monday
  • Fact: Careers World Wide has contract training available with multiple companies
  • Fact: Colorado Work Force approved
  • Fact: “The only truck driver training school that has a training guarantee in writing”