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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the course?
    The class A CDL course is 3 weeks. Monday-Saturday, 7am until 5pm
  • What is ELDT?
    Entry Level Driver Training (The Federal standards for training in a commercial vehicle for someone that has no experience) There are 3 sections for ELDT. Theory training (bookwork), Behind the Wheel Range (backing maneuvers at our training yard and Behind the Wheel Public Road ( driving on public roads with our instructors)
  • Do I need to go to school?
    Yes, if you have never had a CDL before.The required training is for the entry level driver.
  • Do you do testing? Where is the testing?
    Yes, our testing is onsite and we have State Certified Examiners in house.
  • What If I can't afford school?
    We have multiple options for paying for school. Look into our Mia Share programs here on the site.
  • Do you offer part time or night classes?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer part time or night classes.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    You will need a valid CDL permit, Drivers License, DOT medical card, SS card, and if you are staying with us you will need bedding for a twin size mattress, hygiene items and clothing for at least 2 weeks. There is a laundry facility nearby.
  • Will I have restrictions?
    Once you complete our class A CDL training, you will have a fully UNRESTRICTED class A CDL.
  • Is it one on one training?
    Yes, as the training industry standard, It is one on one training. What that means is that when you are in the driver's seat, the instructor is working with you one on one. Although there may be more students in the truck, you are getting the instruction one on one.
  • Is it hands-on training?
    Yes, our course is the definition of hands on. We maximize our time training on the trucks by doing the Theory training as homework while being there for if you have any issues or need help with the online Theory training homework. We believe you learn to drive by actually driving the vehicle.
  • How often do new classes start?
    We start a new class every Monday so you can begin school at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Do I need a permit?
    If you are a Colorado resident then having a permit is required. For a student coming from out of state, a permit is preferred. We can train and test on out-of-state permits, as long as your state accepts out-of-state test results. If you need to obtain the permit here in Colorado, we can help with that. Although, it will make your schooling easier if you obtain the permit before starting school.
  • Where do I get my permit?
    Permits are obtained by testing at your state's licensing office.
  • What tests Must I pass to get my permit?
    You must pass 3 tests to obtain your CDL permit. They are the General Knowledge, Combination and Air Brake tests. You must get a minimum score of 80% to pass.
  • Can I use my out of state permit?
    Yes, but you will want to ensure that your state licensing office will accept test results from CSTIMS. CSTIMS is the federal CDL test monitoring system. That is where the licensing office will find the test results.
  • What age do I need to be to enroll in school?
    You can enroll at 18 years of age but will be restricted to only driving within the state that your license is issued in until the age of 21.
  • Will I need to take a drug test?
    Yes, per federal guidelines, you must pass a DOT drug test to operate a CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle)
  • Do you offer student housing?
    Yes, We have onsite housing and shuttle service to and from the training facility and any other school related necessary locations. Travel locations for pick up and drop off include the airport, car rental and bus station
  • Is the snow on the mountains real?
    Yes it is. And this is an actual question that was asked by a student years ago. He had never seen the beautiful Rockies and it looked so perfect that he didn’t believe that the snow capped peaks were real!!!!
  • What is the weather like?
    This depends on what time of year you attend school. Here in Colorado, we experience all the seasons to the fullest. In late summer, you may have days that are as hot as 110 degrees plus and in January you may have days that barely get above 0 degrees. Our training yard is up and running rain, snow, or shine, except in extreme conditions
  • Do you train in automatic or manual?
    We train in manual transmissions. It builds a higher skill set and ensures that the student leaves with a fully unrestricted CDL.
  • Why do I have to double clutch?
    You must double clutch because Semi truck transmissions are made to double clutch by most manufacturers. Large trucks are unsynchronized and therefore by double clutching, you are actually synchronizing it manually yourself.
  • Do you offer financing?
    Yes, please refer to the Mia Share section of our website.
  • Is there a fast track course if I have my class B?
    Unfortunately, there is not. You would have to attend the full 3 week course for class A training.
  • Do you offer job placement after school?
    We do not offer job placement but we do have a multitude of companies that contact us looking for drivers and we would be happy to share those leads with you.
  • If I have a DUI, can I still come to school and get my CDL?
    Yes, you can. The issue comes with the hiring side by an employer. As far as obtaining your CDL with us, that is not a problem.
  • If I have a felony, can I still attend school and get my CDL?
    This is not a problem for getting licensed, but much like the DUI question above. The problems that arise come with the hiring process and companies' individual hiring criteria.
  • If I had a CDL previously, do I need ELDT?
    If you previously had the same class license or are lifting an existing restriction then no. But if you are upgrading to a higher class or adding either HAZMAT or Passenger endorsement then ELDT is required.
  • What do I need to get my hazmat endorsement?
    You must pass the written tests for the permit with the licensing office. Then you must get your fingerprints for a background check. This can be done at hazprints.com. Then you must attend an ELDT course for HAZMAT before the endorsement can be added to your CDL.
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